Inspire | vol. 5 + mix

This week was a lot of fun creatively. After much practice (& prayer) I was able to let go of some burdens that had been weighing me down both personally and professionally...and simply embrace my life as it is...right more, no less. The joy that comes when you are filled with gratitude is incredible, and I'm so thankful for it. I was drawn to vibrant color this week, especially as I explored color palettes for a new JARFLY brand identity coming late Spring 2015.

WORD LIST | bright, dream, vibrant, glow, hope, believe, dance, embrace, reflect, laugh, warmth, restorative, blush

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(left to right, top to bottom)

1. Anthropologie   2.  Paul Ferney For Oh Happy Day   3. The Bouqs Co.   4.  Moglea

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inspire | vol. 4 + mix


Inspire Volumes & Music Mixes are what I'm taking into the weekend as inspiration for my various creative pursuits. This week was very quiet, serene...but also a bit sad as I listened to the news and hurt for loved ones in my life, and felt frustrated with my own flaws. Rather than medicate away or muffle out these types of emotions, I try to embrace them. I try to learn from them, listen to them, and turn them into something beautiful. 

WORD LIST | nostalgia, fog, memory, gray, frost, bleak, demure, silence, fear, shadow, persevere, cold, remain

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(left to right, top to bottom)

1. Imogen Cunningham   2.  Reka Imre   3.  Anthro_Creative   4.  Via Field Aesthetic  by Goldsworthy

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Inspired by Stunning Fall Design

I've been feeling a little un-inspired lately...a little bit down in the dumps. My creative juices just aren't really flowing. I have some free time right now as I wait for school to pick up again after I really should be taking advantage of the opportunity to create and live each day to the fullest. However,  I'm in a wee bit of a fog. I pick up my paint pencils...and I just don't know what to do. 

Sometimes I think we just need a little inspiration from others who are hard at work to get a little kick in the bum, as it's said. I am most inspired by stunning photography, paper goods and wedding design. So here's some "end of Fall" inspired looks that made my jaw drop this season...hope you enjoy them!


Design by: Joy Thigpen  Photographed by: Eric Kelley  as seen on Once Wed


Design by: Merryl Brown Events  Photographed by: Elizabeth Messina  as seen on Kiss The Groom


Design & Photography by: Almond Leaf Studios  as seen on Ruffled


Design & Photography by: Quill & Fox


Design By: I Do Events  Photography By: VUE Photography  as seen on Snippet & Ink


Design By: Joy De Vivre  Photography By: (the great...I mean really, I'm a superfan) Jose Villa


Design & Photography by: Mae Mae Paperie


Photography by: Christine Pobke as seen on Green Wedding Shoes


Block-printed-organic-invitation (1)
Designed By: Puddle Jumpin Cards


Designed by: Highberry Dew  Photography By: Element Photography  as seen on The Wedding Chicks


Well how is that for lovely? What will all these creative wedding planners, designers, photographers, vendors and blogs think of next. I don't know...but the amazing is just getting a little ridiculous ;) Happy end of Autumn everyone...I'm officially inspired on what's to come this winter.


Moody Mood Board

I've been taking yet another BYW blogging course offered by Holly Becker. I love the class, though I didn't schedule it at a very good time because I'm away from home a lot lately. At the very least, I've really enjoyed discovering some new blogs in the wee hours and am grateful for the content I can get to. Our teachers are lovely and very good at what they do...inspiring successful women to say the least.

Our latest homework assignment was to create a "mood board". To be honest, I was a little cranky while making mine. It took me awhile to get it to look the way I wanted...sometimes I'm very hard on myself when creating. In the end, I felt that even if I was being a little bratty with myself, it was a really good exercize.

 Photo Featured in Collection Below: Casey Curry for Darling Magazine  

Moodboard type
I like this more today than I did a day ago. I should probably take it down though, it's still pinned up on the wall. So is the mess lingering in the aftermath of creating it. My husband was a little confused as to why were were eating dinner amongst a pile of ribbon, buttons and tape (the picture above is on my dining nook wall).

I may find myself making mood boards in my dreams until I wind up in a fetal position. Only time can tell ladies and gentleman!

Like I wrote earlier this week, creating always has value. Keeps your noggin' sharp. This I have come to fully believe. Cranky or not ;) And hey I've come a long way...this moodboard is bird and typewriter free!




PS: Pending this blog post, earlier this week I decided to no longer feature my Friday "Favorite Things" collections. It was becoming difficult to keep up with. However, I'm sure those collages and links will pop up every so often. Just wanted to let you the readers (the few....the proud) know. I hope you all have a great day!


Upon First Rain


Photo Credit: Pure Nature Photos


"I remember all the beauty, I remember all the pain. There was a time before rain...and there will be again."  -Jenni at age 18

Yes I came across an old journal where I had penned that sentence. ..though I have no living idea what it means. Perhaps I was seeking to be a deep and dark writer at the time. However, no matter...I think it's a quite pretty sentence and it inspired me to put together this collection of rain art for you.

We are experiencing our first rain in many moons here in Portland, OR. This part of the world is known for it's rain so it's odd to feel that it took so long to come around. I once wrote a doodled mini-children's book called "Bethany Wants it to Rain". I ought to drag that out one of these days. Well, without further ado here are some lovely rainy day visuals for you. Be inspired!

Photo Credit: Tyler Gould (my wedding!)
Photo Credit: Somethingbeautiful77
Photo Credit: Pocket Carvnial

Il_570xN.151526635Photo Credit: Rachel Austin
Il_570xN.254476197photo credit: west willow

Photo Credit: JARFLY 

I hope you welcome in the rain wherever you are. Get a little soggy in support of it...after all, water is life, as a lovely lady in Uganda once told me!