My First Love: Paper

Jarfly has been receiving a lot of visitors from all over the U.S and many different parts of the world in recent weeks. After years of trying, I suppose that means I'm finally starting to get somewhere with this little blog...though I still have a long way to go.

For all the new friends passing by the site, I wanted to do a little collage paying homage to my first love, which is paper goods. I've done some experimenting with digital creations, vintage rentals and other endeavors lately. However, the thing I really enjoy is drawing. On paper. With an actual pen. All these pieces were done at least partly with real ink...or completely with ink and watercolor. There you have it:


All the Kids!

I'm working to compile all the shots from our wedding for one big blog post soon, we used some of my vintage wedding rentals so it's a great opportunity to display ideas for potential renters. As I've been clustering pictures together, I couldn't help but share these from our big day 3 months ago. We have some pretty quirky funny kiddos in our life....

My flowers girls were supposed to look sorta like polywogs, wearing sea blue dresses, rainboots and lily pads in their hair. As you can see above, the littlest of the flower girls traded in her petal basket to roll around in the gravel.

The ring bearers didn't have any rings to carry, so we made them flags. I think they were eventually broken during some sword fighting or something like that. Anyway, all these kids made the day that much more fun!


Photo Credit: Tyler Gould