Fashion: Floral Favorites

If you look in my closet, there are a LOT of floral prints. Many I have never even worn due to fear or just lack of reason to (since I spend most of my time in a classroom these days). I've been working on that though, just recently having been newly inspired to always seek to look my best and express my tastes by what I wear. 


Lucky for me, florals are certainly well loved for spring (as they always are). Here are some of my favorites. Some of super cheap, while others I'd never DREAM of buying...but it's fun to look at just the same.



1. Old Navy   2. Banana Republic  3.Anthropologie



1. Ruche  2. Modcloth 3. Anthropologie



Is there anything more comfortable than a maxi-dress? Probably not. I like wearing length so these are pretty fun. I like that you can make them look dressed up or down as well.



1. Lulus  2. Victoria's Secret 3. Nordstrom



Here are some pretty floral blouses. I'm really diggin' #1!


1. H&M  2. Ruche  3. Ann Taylor



1. Anthropologie  2. ModCloth  3.Nordstrom



1. Banana Republic  2. Forever21  3. JCrew



What is going on with the blush on the girl in the middle? Whoa.

1. The Limited  2. Shabby Apple  3. JCrew



I hope you enjoyed browsing my floral picks. We are approaching the end of spring so flash the flower looks as soon as you can :) I couldn't help but finish up with these. We get a lot of rain here in Portland. As such, rainboots are probably my all time favorite shoe...for any time of year!




 Happy May!