Thoughts & Stories: Scrapbooking Detox

I have a confession. When I was in highschool, I became a chronic scrapbooker. Yes, a scrapbooker in the most lethal sense. I would take my hard earned babysitting money and gallop into the nearest "Scrapbooking Nest" where I would proceed to buy all the overpriced stickers and acid free paper I could. This paper (I was told) could withstand the about $5.99 a piece (but money well spent right?).

I even went to scrapbooking parties where we would practice "page" themes. Simply putting my camping trip photos in an album would no longer do. They needed...NEEDED I say...sparkle borders and thought bubbles popping out of peoples heads saying "Schools out!" or "Party Time!" or "Girls Rule!". These items were essential for my memories to properly be recorded. 

As you can imagine not only did my bank account hit a low during this phase, but I became completely addicted to glue stickers and ribbon. Through a series of events (that I will not speak of here) I was finally set free from my over the top need for glue and photoalbums.

After helping out at a large banquet event the other night, I was awarded a bag of scrapbooking items (Thanks Sara & Kirsten!). I will not lie, my paper cutting addictive tendancies immediately began rising up in my throat and I would have given anything for that whole room of 200 people to clear out so I could start doodling right there on the floor.

Thankfully, SMASH products come to us at a much simpler time than 1998...and I can assure you my scrapbooking adventure this time around will be much simpler and in turn, more fun! I love the quirkiness of these products (notebooks, pens, sticky notes and fancy tapes). Did I mention they are sparkle and thought bubble free?  

When it comes to journaling and scrapbooking these days...I don't force miserable friends and family to look at pictures anymore. Instead I use scrapbooking to brainstorm for my business and dreams. It's a fun hands on way to organize my thoughts. I also look forward to the quiet time in the midst of such a digital age. Plus, when I pull out my books and journals later, I acutally enjoy looking through them. So in a way, I am making a memory...just a more purposeful one that's just for me.

Can I interest you in some bakers twine? For decades I'm sure it was used for just that, wrapping up dough and baked goods. For me, I love using it to wrap gifts and send packages. You can find bakers twine anywhere, but I purchased these on Etsy at Annie 42 Creations.

Another fun idea is making your own stamps. I drew this victorla design with ink and then had it made into a stamp by Puddle Jumpin' Cards. It's a great way to share your drawings with people without, you know, showing up at their doorstep with a painting intended for their mantle (that's weird).

The other day my Mom pointed to some tape I had with me and said, "what's that?". Oh man...well let me tell you. It's called washi tape! You can buy all sorts of japanese washi tape on the web, but I really like Cute Tape because they have many different styles. Washi tape is perfect for wrapping gifts and packages because not only is it perfectly secure, but it's pretty. And know what? I like pretty things. 

If you are in scrapbook recovery like me, these items are simple fun ways to boost any note, journal, letter or package. I don't know if they could withstand the apocalypse or acid rain, but for now anyway, you'll be glad they are in your desk.


Holidays: Fancy Cool Gift Wrap Ideas

Fresh holiday


In the house I dash, aiming myself straight down the hallway into the "office" area of my parents home. It's Christmas Eve and we arrived around 25 minutes late. What's worse is I forgot to actually wrap the gifts I've been storing in odd corners of my apartment. Thus, I find myself stealing (yes, swiping from my own mother on Christmas) old gift wrap and sparkling bows from the ever growing closet collection. Like a rabid hampster I emerge from the back room, nearly in a sweat...just in time to sneak the presents under the tree before anyone notices. mom ALWAYS knows what I'm doing. 


The excerpt above is a wee little glimpse into Christmases past. Not this year folks! Nope, I'm going to plan ahead and have some thoughtful, lovely wrapped gifts ready for my family. In order to accomplish this, I found myself looking around online and while shopping last week for some new spins on old wrapping traditions. New for me, anyway. Why not share my findings with you? Here we go....


Stamps titles

 Stamping names on to boxes, gift wrap, tags, or cards can be a fun way to personalize a gift. Here's a great site from my friend Sunny of Puddle Jumpin' Cards. She specializes in block printed artwork and custom designed stamps. Check out her stamp offer HERE. Below are some other great stamp designers from Etsy....


1. Pine Cone Stamp from Nora Jane

2. Doilie Stamp from Pretty Tape

3. Mini Key Stamp from Blossom Stamps





Gift tags
I LOVE putting gift tags on presents and surprises. It seems to bring back some old charm and fun to circling up under the Christmas Tree. Here are some interesting ideas...I love the special touch in the middle if you are handmaking your gifts (which is always a great idea).

1. Yellow Bud Tag from Potter & Butler

2. Handmade Love Tag from Unify

3. Wooden Gift Tags from The Wanderlust




Bow and twine
I've never been very good at tie-ing bows. I remember my mom having me put my finger on the knot as she tied lovely bows from her very choice ribbon collection. Lucky for me, the collection below consists of some pretty ideas including washi tape, which I can totally handle.


1. Red & White Twine from Anthropologie

2. Blossom Bows from Potter & Butler

3. Minty Washi Tape from Pretty Tape





I love envelopes, mostly because I'm a card designer so it comes with the territory. You can use them in so many ways! Especially for spicing up a tired Christmas card or gift tag. Or turn on into a gift tag!

1. Delicate Snow White by Blossom & Twig

2. Musical Envelopes by Love & Laughter

3. Map Envelopes by Create Lovely




Do stickers really need an introduction? In my opinion if you hate stickers, bubbles, or ice cream it's likely you have no soul. Again, just a thought to consider. Stickers make great sealers on envelopes and giftwrap alike.

Stickers 2
1. Do Not Open Stickers from Crafty Pagan

2. Vintage Stamps from Anthropologie

3. Alice in Wonderland Stickers from Seasonal Delights




Ah, wrapping paper. It can evoke anger while trying to get that perfect fold or evoke buyers guilt. But no no matter how you feel about, it's so very pretty. Try purchasing handmade papers from artists like the one's featured below. It's friendlier to the earth and generally more beautiful!

Gift wrap
1. Little Houses Paper by Placed

2. Snowflake Printed Paper by Bombina Studios

3. Floral Assortment Paper by Love Mae Store



I could quite literally go on and on with this blog post, but in an effort to salvage the rest of my day (it's actually crisp and sunny here in Portland) I must now leave the computer and join the land of the living. I hope you enjoyed surfing these lovely takes on paper goods and even more sincerely I hope you purchase some of these lovely details from the many hardworking artists featured here today!

Cheers. -Jenni