Mint Week: Color Palettes



Welcome to Mint Week! I'm very excited about the many ideas, treasures and inspirations I have to share with you. I'm hoping you'll leave me lots of comments with your own ideas as well! 

To kick the week off I wanted to explore mint as a color. The other day I scooped up all my jars of buttons and curled up on my couch. I carefully placed different colors with mint to see what spoke to me the most. The following mood boards are what I came up with...I really truly enjoyed putting these together for you. It's a tremendous feeling to create something while paying homage to other artists and talented designers.

I hope you enjoy them...and hopefully find them helpful for your decorating, designing and wedding planning needs :)



When I first became engaged back in November, I was determined to have a teal, mint, beige and mustard yellow wedding. In the end, I decided to go a more simple route editing it down to grey, deep teal, cream and white. It WAS lovely, but I do regret not having been more bold. That's why I adore this mood board. Mint and yellow together just screams vintage. It reminds me of Peter Rabbit and magical tea parties from my childhood. 


1. Minty Bride & Bridesmaids bouquets from The Wedding Chicks Photo by Sweet Monday

2. Tray, Beads & Ribbon from Country Living Photo by Debra McClinton

3. Chic Modern Chair from Anthropologie

4. Country Inspired Bedroom from Martha Stewart

4. Vintage Yellow Dress Portrait from Lona De Anna Photo Vintage Vogue Magazine

5. Mint Tea Tray from Citrus and Orange Photo: Unknown

6. Retro Yellow and Mint Dress from Gearbox Vintage Photo: Gearbox Vintage

7. Rustic Bedroom Design from MM Street Photo: Country Living

8. Flower Hair Clips from The Chrysanthemum Photo: Christy of The Chrysanthe-Mom




After putting this collection together I could have sworn I smelled watermelon and grapefruits in the air. I never really loved pink until I discovered how beautiful it looks with coral...when you add mint into the dynamic? Amazing. By the way, if you don't already know about Caitlyn Wilson should really pop over and take a peek. She's the one responsible for that lovely coral cushioned chair.



1. Coral Cushion Chair from Caitlyn Wilson Design

2. Clay Heart Dishes from Darrielle's Clay Art

3. Varied Mint Bottles & Buds from Canadian House & Home via Poppy Talk Photo: Angus McRitchie (L'express Bistro)

4. Coral Bride & Maids from Portland to Peonies Photo: Jill Thomas Photography

5. Coral Dining Room from House Beautiful Photo: Eric Piasecki

6. Rose Bud Earrings from Sweet N' Simple Photo by Kelly Kramer

7. Watercolor Plate from Anthropologie

8. Neon and Coral Bud Vases from A Creative Mint Photo: Leslie Shewring




I'm really diggin' on these hues. I'm girl crush style. It's currently 12:11am here in Portland, Oregon but I am now imagining that I'm on a sailboat heading towards my private Island off the coast of Maine. Anyone want to join me?


1. Damask Living Room from House to Home Via Tanya Williams

2. Celestial Coasters from Anthropologie

3. Antique Bottles from Leaping Gazelle Photo: Lauren of Leaping Gazelle

4. Ocean View Dining Room from Coastal Living Photo: Lisa Romerin

5. Colorblock Skirt from Anthropologie

6. A Dash of Pepper Artwork from Fresh Lime Artwork by Colleen of Fresh Lime

7. Minty Groom from Green Wedding Shoes Photo: Heather Kincaid

8. Dreamy Table Setting from Martha Stewart




Ah, green. I've always loved the shade and maybe it's been more intently on my mind since I've been drinking so much vegetable juice. I wish I could report to you that vegetable juice is yummy...alas, it's...vegetable juice. However, these colors are very pleasing to the eye and fitting for us to finish up on since this week is all about different ways to use green!


1. Sweet Green Dress from Anthropologie

2. Floral Pillow from Lynne's This and That

3. Mint and White Church from Madden Photography

4. Succulent Wedding Table Setting from Style Me Pretty Photo: SMS Photography

5. Mint Balloons and Sage Vest from Mojos Pa Style

6. Thrifted Vintage Book and Soap Dish Photo: Jenni Kupelian

7. Rosette Stud Earrings from Earrings Nation

8. Green, Sage and Mint Hallway from Martha Stewart 


Untitled-3Thanks so much for browsing my color combos! Which one do you like the best...any other ideas for mint?

We'll be exploring some great mint inspired styles for your closet tomorrow, DAY 2 of Mint Week. I've included luxe items from top designers and also more affordable look alikes for the every day working gal! See you then!

Remember...sharing a link or grabbing a BUTTON FOR YOUR BLOG about MINT WEEK automatically enters YOU in a contest to win a great vintage find from my shopping adventures this week. Leave a comment letting me know how you shared and get entered in the drawing!

Later Folks!


An Autumn Dinner

We celebrated my parent's 31st anniversary last Saturday. Once again, we were blessed to be able to stay at our good friend's mountain cabin (I won't name them for privacy's sake). This lovely getaway is cozy, beautiful and decorated by someone with DIVINE taste (ahem, Mary). Thank you so much for letting us visit your river house, we always love our time there!

My sister-in-law, Brittany, and I decided to go all out, attempting to create an "On A Whim Fall" theme for dinner. We used the inspirational colors found in the kitchen cupboards and throughout the house as a jumping off point as we put together the table. Add in a portion of my milk glass collection (available through Jarfly Vintage Rentals) and before we knew it, the Autumn theme was accomplished! Special thanks to Britt for thinking to bring sun flowers...perfection.

Lovely fall
We had a great time hanging out, drinking chai lattes on the porch, enjoying the river view and watching The Karate Kid. Yes...we did that. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad. And....yes, that is my husband with the knife to his head. It's the most normal picture I could find.

Happy Friday everyone! Go skip some rocks or drink some hot apple it!


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Brittany's Garden Party

Yesterday was my sister in law, Brittany's, birthday. I always look at celebrations as a great opportunity to decorate and test out new ideas with my wedding rentals. Not to mention test my skills as I learn to be a photographer...(or just a picture taker).

We all enjoyed ourselves...especially Dad's A-mazing tri-tip steak which we used in french dip sandwiches. That plus ping pong, wine, mason jars, my mother's garden, a bondfire and pie? Makes for a good ol' fashion end of summer garden party. Yes please. 



Setting the table using my vintage inspired wedding rentals. I experimented with bold and bright well as mixing textures.


Mom's garden is always lovely and vibrant. 


All items pictured are available for rent through Jarfly! Excluding clear dinner plates, silverware and table cloths.

Used in this table design (see our rental section for availability):

1/2 Gallon Aqua Blue Mason Jars 

Assorted Green Glassware

Amber Mini-Antique Bottles

Mini-Milk Glass Tea Cups

Burlap Table Runners

Amber Glass Drinking Goblets


Untitled-2We used orange rose buds as if they were floating candles in mason jars hung from small shepherd hooks. Used in this display:

Assorted Quart Clear Kerr and Ball Jars


Some antique detailing in my mom's garden.



Finding a way to add some fun color and texture to our clear dinner plates (dollar tree and garage sales). These crocheted coasters can be found at IKEA (and they are on sale!). The table cloth was also purchased at IKEA, although it's original purpose is was to be curtains. We like to re-purpose as much as possible around here!


322565_10150429903044867_778654866_10944740_1225960_oPhoto: Allan Scroggins 

My husband getting attacked by "guard" dogs.



Brittany enjoying her birthday dessert! Happy "Quarter Century" Britt! It's Monday everyone, I hope you are all still kicking back and enjoying the Labor Day's not over yet! Stop reading my blog and go outside! Drink a Mike's Hard Lemonade for me....PLEASE!





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DIY: The Tin Saga

Today's project is not only a favorite of mine, but a serious favorite of the many brides who rent from me out here in Portland, Oregon.

Tea tins can make great centerpieces & storage containers. However, actually shopping around to find some "cute" enough for this can be a large task. The good news is you can give them a make over that is simple and easy. Getting excited over old tins = weird. Yep...and proud of it!

1. To start you'll need PAPER modge podge, paintbrushes, acrylic paint and of course, some old tea tins (or tins of any kind). It's a good idea to wipe off your tins before painting them.

Tins 010

2.DO NOT break down and buy tins from Michaels, or Ebay. Just take a little time to hunt at places like Value Village, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America, and of course... garage sales. I've found them for as little as $0.10 at these different locations. I wouldn't recommend paying more than $0.99, and that should be for a darn good tin.

Tins 007

3. Apply a nice first layer of paint. Choose a rich color that you would use in many different rooms. Let the first coat dry, and then apply a second coat. Let the tin dry completely before doing anything else. 

Tins 015

4. The next step is the most fun, picking your design for the front of the tin. I chose to collect some antique fruit labels from The Ink Painter on Etsy. The store's prices are very reasonable. However you can design your own by hand or in photoshop...also clippings from wrapping paper and magazines can work well too.

Tins 014

5. Apply a thin layer of PAPER modge podge to the back of your label. Carefully, place it on the desired area of your tin. Make sure to smooth out the edges and watch for any "bubbling" in the paper.

Tins 017
Tins 018

6. Let the label dry for 30mins at LEAST. 2 hours is recommended. Then apply another thin coat of Modge Podge to the outside of the label. I like to apply normal (so the original kind, non-paper) Modge Podge all over the tin in an even coat. This helps protect the paint from chipping and makes it water resilient. Let the tin dry another 2 hours.

Tins 023

7. Lastly, after your project has dried completely...all you have left to do is decide how to use it. I think the tins make great vases. In fact, I will soon be renting them for a very good price for weddings. So if you don't feel like making your own, contact me!

Tins 026

James abby table lovlies 292
Hope you enjoyed re-purposing your old tins. Check back at Jarfly next week for more "do it yourself" ideas and insane romps down craft alley. Later folks!