DIY-Mother's Day Tea Cups

Well I'm a little late to the game (of course) but here's a last minute very easy Mother's Day project for those of you stragglers out there (like myself).

To be honest I made one of these for my Grandmother over a month ago for her birthday...but could not make it to her party (sad). I'm excited to give these to her tomorrow though, in addition to her real mother's day gift. Don't worry, I'm not that person who misses a bday and then gives the gift for Christmas. That is lame!

Here's what you'll need:

1. Succulents

2. Old tea cups (I thrifted mine)

3. Extra soil (maybe, I didn't need any)



Okay now listen closely because the next instructions are pretty complex. Are you ready?

Put the succulents (along with enough soil to ground them)...IN the tea cup.

That's it. Okay so I lied, pretty simple.


I've found that succulents are my favorite plant to keep in my house because they are loners. Meaning, they need almost no attention. I only water mine once (maybe twice) a month...making sure that they drain. Have fun! And most of all...have a wonderful mother's day all you Mamas out there.