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BRAND IDENTITY | Lindsay Helzer Floral

Last summer, I had the honor of photographing Lindsay Helzer Floral Design's brand shoot. Lindsay's florals have a unique edge and she is not afraid of color. All her work, (even the softer palettes) have a pop to them that is so fun to be inspired by. So imagine my delight when I was offered the opportunity to create a full brand identity for her with all that beauty in mind. Lindsay was actually featured on the cover of Magnolia Rouge this year -- you can see that full shoot from her and Cassie Roch HERE.

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I really love smoothies.

I don't claim to be a health guru, but one thing I've never had trouble with is making a morning smoothie, probably because I look forward to it! They are cheap, they are true fast food and if you make them a certain way (not the Jamba Juice way) -- I'm assured by the internet that they are really healthy for you, so you know it must be true.

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Last summer I was lucky enough to collaborate with Lindsay Strannigan, a marketing and event planning consultant, as well as the talented author of Portland Food blog, Rosemarried. She crafted a beautiful collection of summer recipes called "A Midsummer's Feast" and I was honored to photograph it. Here in Portland we are experiencing a heat wave and this refreshing bisque was a real treat. You can partake of it as a chilled soup with a spoon in hand...or sip it by glass as a refreshing summer drink.

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I'm always looking for quick, easy and healthy options for breakfast. After years of practice, I've finally found my system for making smoothies when I only have a few minutes. However, that can get a little boring, always eating your breakfast through a straw. I wanted to come up with something delicious, healthy, as well as pretty (I find pretty food inspiring). Figs are in season right now, along with pepitas (pumpkin seeds). I decided to find seasonal ingredients that I could mix into my morning yogurt. Also, I love an excuse to photograph figs. Always.

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