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I'd been wanting to photograph a ceramic artist at the wheel for many years, but never seemed to find the proper introduction towards the opportunity. One day, while visiting my friend Tiffany's (of Foraged Floral ) "pop up shop" at Mantle (a charming Portland boutique) I met Tamara Bryan. Tamara is a very talented potter and as it would turn out...only lived a short walk from my house. Seeing as we were neighbors and had a mutual friend in Tiffany, it seemed fitting to finally pursue the pottery lifestyle session I'd always had in mind. Tiffany even joined us to craft some beautiful floral arrangements alongside Tamara's impeccable ceramic creations. The result was a very laid back, natural session where I was able to be a fly on the wall with little direction. It was so much fun to photograph two artists in action in Tamara's light and bright North Portland studio.

Extra excited that this session was featured on Magnolia Rogue!


Featured on Magnolia Rouge

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