I had the joy of working with the Ekstrom family for some fall family portraits. Did you know that sometimes your house is the best location for photos? It often is! Especially where I the Pacific Northwest is known for it's fast changing weather. Here are a few tips if you book a session at your home:

  1. De-clutter
    The house doesn't have to be totally clean by any means. I just need a few nooks with good light and a relatively clean space. Moving stacks of toys and odds and ends can really clean up the look on camera. I am always able to help with this when I get there!
  2. Open the curtains and shades, good natural light is key!
    Wondering why I'm walking around opening all your shutters and curtains? It's because I want as much natural light as possible. You will also see me turn off most artificial light from over head and often lamps as well. 
  3. Simple outfits
    Nice, neutral colors and simple cozy clothing will help you match your environment better. To learn more about choosing wardrobe click HERE
  4. Add interest with plants and flowers.
    A well placed succulent, vase or small flower arrangement can really add life on camera. Pets are always welcome as well! Unless you keep reptiles in your home...then I may pass.

Not sure if your house has enough natural light? No problem! I can swing by to do a mini-walk thru and help you determine this. When bad weather strikes...your home may be the best fit. And having photos to remember your homestead never hurts either! Special thanks to Annie, Mike + Anders Ekstrom for being awesome clients and all around rad people.

Jenni Kupelian