EMERALD + BLUE OCEAN | Forage + Fern Workshop



The final wedding shoot of the Forage + Fern workshop (that I took part in) took place in a cove of sorts - there was just enough wind to create beautiful movement in the amazing Leanne Marshall gowns and the ocean took on a deep blue color. The algae that washed up on shore was deep emerald creating a very fairy-tale like environment. To be honest, during this part of the workshop I found myself a little anxious and distracted, worrying about some things at home that I had to face when I returned. I did not shoot as much as I usually would have, but instead tried to let the experience wash over me (no pun intended).

In fact, for the rest of workshop I chose to put my camera down (besides a few images here and there) so that I could ask questions and learn rather than worry about my portfolio. I missed out on some amazing photo opportunities, but I was able to absorb direction and receive encouragement much more when I let my camera go. It was hard, but I don't regret the restraint I chose to embrace.

Mamiya 645 AF | 80mm F/28 Lens | Kodak Portra 800 + HP5 | Scans by PhotoVision


I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to go on a road trip alone and do some thinking and pondering about life. I met so many amazing, encouraging people on this trip -- and was wow'd by so many creative perspectives, business know-how and of course sheer talent. I found myself very emotional when I was alone in my room, feeling challenged of course in my photography...but also just to be more brave as a person and open up more.

Special thanks to Kate Holland of Magnolia Rouge for pouring so much heart and soul into all her creative communities over the years. It means so much to me and countless others.

All images taken at the Forage + Fern Workshop in Galiano Island, British Columbia.

Creative direction | 

Magnolia Rouge

Photography tutor | 

Brumley & Wells 

Photography tutor | 

Jonathan Canlas

Styling | 

The Wells Makery 

Florals | 

Ponderosa & Thyme 

Hair & make-up | 

Jess Wilcox 

Wedding gowns | 

Leanne Marshall 

Jewelry | 

Ryegrass Studios

Model |

Heather Hockley

Sponsor | 

The Find Lab 

Venue | 

Bodega Ridge

Scans + Processing |