Mealtime Reflections | Deeply Rooted Magazine

dr-jennikupelian4 A few months ago I was contacted by Deeply Rooted Magazine to shoot a feature for them. The request came in last minute due to the unique need related to the photos and so I only had a matter of days to find some models and a place to shoot. Lucky for me, I was put in contact with Laura Hartmann, a talented stylist and blogger, who was nice enough to add polish to the photos with her creative eye. She even modeled for me with her son Clive! I'm happy to share some photos from the article and also some additional images that didn't make it into print.

Here is a snippet from the article:

Have you ever heard your child say, "I don't like this?" I am sure there is not one parent on the planet who hasn't heard this one. Unlike my husband, who will eat anything, I can fully relate to my kiddo here. I was not raised eating fruits and vegetables, and I often purchase and prepare foods that I eat only because I know they are beneficial to my long-term health. I find little enjoyment in consuming an apple, but reasoning with myself is much easier than reasoning with my son.

-Excerpt from "Mealtime Reflections" in Deeply Rooted Magazine by Miriam Bowers








The 10th issue of Deeply Rooted, called "Sojourner" is available now! I hope you get a chance to check it out!


Photographs: Jenni Kupelian

Styling: Lauren Hartmann

Models: Lauren Hartmann + Son Clive

Written excerpt by: Miriam Bowers

Publication: Deeply Rooted Magazine