MORNING IN THE GORGE | Featured on Lemonade + Lenses


Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing and inspiring little family I had the joy to photograph recently! It was recently featured on Lemonade + Lenses which was a total honor.

Mamiya 645AF | 80mm F/2.8 Lens | Kodak Portra 400 Film | Scans by PhotoVision


Emily and Aaron of Hunting Ground Films are a creative duo crafting films for weddings and small business branding. They recently moved to Portland on a leap of faith that they could pursue a creative career and at the same time simplify their life (they sold everything to do so!). Since then, they've been successfully making beautiful films for weddings and businesses and Emily will soon be taking her talent all the way to England! They graciously allowed me to take these photos of them, entirely on film, on a bright and golden morning near the Columbia River Gorge. Their daughter Cedar toddled around in the sunlight playing with ferns and giggling at her parent's "kissy" faces - and didn't seem to mind my camera at all.


This was my first 100% film shoot for a family session, which was risky! You have to be very patient while testing light and composing shots while using film, because every frame counts (literally, it's expensive to develop and scan!). I've been afraid to shoot much film with families because kids tend to move so quickly, making manual focus difficult. Film also naturally has a softer look entirely and this can quickly turn into blur if you don't zero in on your subject very carefully. However, Cedar was the perfect subject...moving just enough to keep things interesting but curious enough of my camera to allow me to nail my focus on nearly every frame (focus is consistently my struggle with film and children).


I'm working on being grateful that I get to even take pictures and trust that there is a space for me in this world of small business owners. It's difficult to be present and not worry too much about the future! However, Emily and Aaron and their big dreams were such a great inspiration to see in action.




Shoot featured on Lemonade + Lenses

Models: Emily, Aaron + Cedar of Hunting Ground Films

Assistance / Scouting: Amy of Rosencrown

Location: Rooster Rock State Park

Lab: PhotoVision