A FOND MEMORY | Nice, France


Mamiya 645AF   |   Fuji400H   |   80mm F/2.8 Lens   |   Scans by PhotoVision

On this gray and rainy day here in Portland, I came across one of my very first experiences with film, shot in Nice, France on a gorgeous winter day. You'd never know it was winter from the photos though, with the golden light and crisp blues of the ocean. I adore this breezy palette and the quiet moment it represents for my husband and I. We had been wandering in the city, not sure exactly where to go and feeling a little homesick, and the marital stresses of traveling. So my husband just suggested we go down on the beach and throw rocks...act like kids...forget our frustrations. So we did. I took out my lightly used new film camera (now my beloved Mamiya) and shot away while Ken (my husband) goofed around by the shore. These images continue to be some of my favorite as the light represents my brand of photography so well and the spirit behind them exactly what I hope to evoke when I shoot weddings. This was also my first experience with Fuji400H, which performs so beautifully- particularly in warm, golden light (in my opinion). It was a first glimpse into my new film journey, that is continuing to develop (no pun intended, but it's a pretty good pun).


I hope the blue water brings you a boost in the midst of the gray (if you are in Portland that is). Thanks, once again, for reading!