FILM : Mamiya 645AF  |   80mm F/2.8 Lens   |   Fuji400H 120   |  Scans by PhotoVision

DIGITAL: Canon 5d Mark III  |  35/50/85mm F/1.8 Lens | Fuji Presets

Jared + Kelsey got married in beautiful Gearhart, Oregon at the historic McMenamins Sand Trap Inn. It was the summer of beach weddings for me! I've still yet to photograph a wedding in Portland (where I live) -- I always seem to wind up in the mountains, in the desert or at the beach. Kelsey created a lot of special touches to the day hand lettering most of the signage and designing the table elements. It was a DIY inspired day full of laughter, lots of fun and of course, an abundance of succulents and lovely greenery.


As you can see in the above photo, it was INCREDIBLY bright. The venue was gorgeous but literally had no open shade. On a bright day, specially at high-noon, a good photographer will always seek out soft open shade or place to their subject's back to the sun. At this particular location, at the time of day portraits were set to begin, that would have mean't every photo would have had the large hotel in the background (which would not have been satisfactory, and shown little variety). Additionally, the hotel is located at a golf course, and when we originally scouted it, the golfers were very mellow and spread out. However on a busy Saturday, there were too many golf carts zooming around and people teeing off in 2 or the 3 locations we had planned to shoot. We were told by the staff we were seriously risking my clients being hit with a golf ball if we didn't change the plan.

So change the plan we did! The bride graciously agreed to take the whole wedding party down on the beach last minute (we had originally planned some intimate bride and groom photos only). This left more open space to work with the light...not to mention a beautiful back drop for variety in posing. It was still quite challenging to shoot in the intense sun, but we made the best of it and both myself and my client wound up being pleased with the outcome.

It was a true honor to photography Kelsey + Jared's special day, and I think she may have had one of the most beautiful gowns I've ever photographed. Amazing.

All images taken in Gearhart, Oregon.