On Peace, Fog + The Coast


All images shot on a Mamiya 645 AF  |   Fuji400H 120 Film  |  Scans by Photovision

The Oregon Coast is pretty incredible. It seems like the perfect place to breathe, dream, scream (if you need to) and on a medium format film camera...capture some pretty lovely pastel, soft and moody colors.


If I find myself getting waterlogged by a busy calendar or a lack of focus, a little quiet time with a film camera usually does the trick. I think this is common for anyone with a job, but a particularly a creative job. If you lose your creativity as a photographer or designer...getting in a good days work can be pretty painful. I wish I was one of those balanced people who effortlessly manage their calendar in between yoga classes, but basically I act like a freak when I'm too busy, and usually land in a creative fog. So having a little quiet time on the beach was so very needed.


What does peace look like? For me it's a warm towel on my face at the end of the night, soft music, a clean kitchen, wandering in the garden with my Corgi, going on drives with my husband at night when the rest of the city sleeps. It's the beginning of Fall and listening to Christmas music on over-cast days (which make it's okay by the way) and thunderstorms at night. Peace is the single most important theme for me in the last few years as I work to become a smarter business woman, but more importantly, putting my faith and people in my life first.



In some ways, I think the last few years have been some of the most difficult of my life. I've had to work on so many difficult things, learn patience and trust in the midst of my own mistakes and shortcomings...as well as the struggles in life that come and go. However when I really step back, I'm so fortunate...I wouldn't want anything more than I have right now...right here.

All images taken in Manzanita, Oregon