Darling Magazine : Free Fall Downloads

DARLING_reverie I was honored enough to be asked by Darling Magazine to develop some fall imagery that would inspire creatives as they go into Autumn. In the end, I found a few different vocabulary words that I thought may be interesting to keep in our minds as we all start anew with the summer coming to a close. Words inspire me, but I confess I have been using WAY too many "likes". An example:  I was "like" and then she was "like" and it was "like".....yuck. Don't even get me started on my "um's". All that to say, it's one of my goals to improve my creative vocabulary and become well read once more.

My solution for all this? Binge watching Gilmore Girls (which if you didn't know, is an incredibly witty show) and starting to work my way down the Modern Libraries List of the 100 Greatest Novels. Are you rolling your eyes? I am too. Even so, I'm determined to become an intellectual, at least for a little while...just briefly before Christmas at least. It's worth a shot, ain't it?

So if you want to be inspired by creative words paired with some dreamy fall imagery, head over to Darling and download more images like the one above for your own personal use!

Special Thanks : Model - Brooke Meier (who is an amazing artist) + Darling Magazine

Download the images HERE.