Moods + Music Vol. 1




1. Heather Hawkins for Once Wed  2. Jose Villa  3. Diana Marie Photo for 100 Layer Cake  4. Tonie Christine Photography

Much to my husband's dismay, I've been diving into the rabbit hole that period piece cinema can be. Think BBC and Masterpiece Theater running in the background pretty much the whole time I'm editing photos lately. One of my very most favorite movies is the 2005 "Pride + Prejudice" with Keira Knightly. I'm well aware that it doesn't get much better than the 1995 version starring Colin Firth, but the LIGHT in the 2005 film is just too good, so it won my tastes this time around. The mood board above is inspired by the soft pastels + rich tones that come with the obsession of too much Jane Austen + Downton Abbey. If you are looking for a soft, beautiful mix for your work day, do listen in HERE.