A Tiny Holiday | Terrariums

If any of you are doing any last minute decorating, here is a great little craft to add to your list. I love terrarium art, and am lucky to have a mom who is an expert in making them. On this project, however, I went it alone and kept it simple. I love how organic and green these are...they almost look born on the woodland floor.

What You'll Need:

  1. Living Moss - I found mine in my back yard.
  2. Potting soil - any home improvement store or super market will carry it
  3. Mini-Crafting Christmas Tree - can be found at your local craft store
  4. Twigs or any other items you'd like to use as garnish
  5. Bleach *yes, you read that correctly
  6. A clear jar, vase or vessel - your local thrift-shop is a great place to start.
  7. Little rocks


  1. Layer the following in the bottom of your vessel- rocks then potting soil then moss.
  2. Pour 1/2 cup bleach into a bleach safe bowl (one you don't care about).
  3. Place the green trees in the bleach for about 30 secs (this will give your trees that minty teal color). Leave them in for 5 minutes if you want them white (or purchase them white).
  4. Pull the trees out, rinse them well, and then let them dry completely.
  5. Arrange your trees and other items at will! You wont need glue unless you want to make sure they don't shift
  6. Enjoy. Terrariums need to be sprayed with water once a week if you plan to keep it growing or add to it after the holidays. Keep in an area with good sunlight (near a window).

If I haven't said so already, a very merry holiday to you. There are some big changes happening around my neck of the woods come New Year, that I'm excited to tell you all about. Until then, drink of egg nog!

xo, Jenni