Oregon Family Photographer | Winter Family Portraits

I have to say, the little one in these photos was really on the move...and I crawled around in wet grass, falling down in heels (why did I wear heels?) trying to nab her special moments on camera. In the end, I think we snagged a lot of lovely fall colors and mischievous moments, and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I'll be honest, we had about 15 mins to capture these photos in between rain and thanksgiving dinner needing to begin (this is my niece, Lylah and her parents, by brother and sister in law)...if you look hard you can see my parent's long time neighbors recycle bin in the background of this last shot. Which for awhile, drove me NUTS, as I'm always aiming really high whenever I shoot photo (I want it look authentic but magazine worthy)...rarely do I hit that mark. But the funny recycle bin in the background reminded me that perfection is lethal and the things that make a photograph special have little to do with perfect styling and props.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! xo, Jenni