Oregon Family Photographer | Cozy Woodland Puddles

One of my favorite things to do is get muddy and wet. I know that will sound ridiculous, or possibly that I'm making it up...but I promise it is true. As a child, I have so many warm memories of throwing moldy tomatoes at my brothers in the garden on wet fall afternoons. I distinctly remember emerging from swampy areas during church campouts, covered in mud, holding a giant toad...that I carried around with pride from campsite to campsite. 

These days, I generally get the most muddy during photoshoots. Here in Oregon, we don't have very many warm, sun-filled days. In fact, a wedding in July can turn to downpour like you wouldn't believe, so as a photographer you get used to dodging rain, holding umbrellas for your clients and coming home sweaty, muddy...and ready for a nap.

And yet, I LOVE that. Over the weekend I had the honor of shooting the portraits of my good friend Amy's children. They are sweet bunch...full of vibrant energy, funny interactions and of course, lots of running, jumping and racing. I've known Amy a long time, in fact we grew up together at the church camp outs I mentioned above. Her and her husband Ryan are some of my favorite people and I really enjoyed spending part of the day with this family of littles. It was such a special thing to capture a day in her kids life, and to get muddy right along with them! I hope you enjoy the images.

In the end, everyone got lolly pops for a job well done, which was very timely because as I you can see I think it was about time to go get warm and cozy. This is one of my favorite shoots of the season, it's so fun to freeze the real moments of family life on camera in all it's quirk, messiness and joy. It's the best.