Oregon Maternity Photographer | Casey & Natalie

As I stood in the narrow pathway of the plane, practically beating my camera bag into submission in the over-head compartment, I wondered if bringing nearly every camera I owned to Iowa was a mistake. However, after getting home and surveying the images, I could not have asked for a more peaceful and lovely experience behind the lens. 

My good friends, Natalie and Casey Groves are two people who endlessly make me laugh, not to mention inspire me. I first met Natalie over 12 years ago, while sharing a small apartment together in Florence, Italy during a school term abroad. We were amazed to find that we had a lot in common and our parents even lived in the same small town. Natalie is a talented artist (find her at Meadow to Grove) who's work has been featured at West Elm and Minted. Casey is a gifted Musician and can build a boat out of bunk beds...but that is another story. 

If you've never been to Iowa, you really need to go. I had no idea how gorgeous it is, or how much it truly resembles the Shire (A Lord of the Rings reference, for you nerds out there). The sky is huge and hills roll over each other in golden pinks, yellows and burnt oranges. Autumn in Iowa is magical, and I think the warmth of the season really came out in the photos. 

Along with the photos, I was able to shoot a mini-film or glimpse into their love and expectation of their little one. It was such a special thing, to be able to observe and be invisible in certain moments to capture the sweet interaction between Natalie and Casey, it was such fun. I hope you've enjoyed these photos/videos....congratulations to Casey and Natalie! 

xo, Jenni