Design Journal | Personal Stationary

I was recently commissioned to design a very simple personal card set for a lovely lady with a very fun name, Hannah Ferrie. Honestly, a name like that is a graphic designer's dream with all the amazing extensions possible with the letterforms and the sheer whimsy of it. 

Hannah was inspired by botanicals and hand-lettered type in the mood boards she sent me. From the beginning she knew she wanted everything to be in gold and white, and was interested in true gold foil. For those of you who don't know, gold foil is really beautiful. When beaten into paper, it produces a really lovely (and ornamental) look. I just had my heart set on doing this, but in the end, having it professionally done was too expensive. We then looked into gold embossing (which is much less expensive) but I doubted my sanity could handle doing it by hand. So we opted for a faux gold texture instead, and I think it performed nicely. 

As a surprise, I was able to provide hannah with a personalized stamp that she could do her gold stamping at will, on the white envelopes she ordered. If you are wondering where you can get your hands on a custom stamp, I'll list my resources below. 

Some of you may remember me mentioning that hand-lettering was something I was excited to start perfecting. Hannah's name was the perfect instance to test out all my practice, as I thought it would achieve the organic look she wanted much better than modifying a font. I always start out in my sketch book (see above)...and I allow this stage to be really messy. I used to get marked down in design school for my thumbnail sketches being so chaotic, but it's just the best way I know how to get my brain working...I like to keep it fluid and crazy. I honestly had SO MANY drafts and was excited to share them. Sadly, my dog ate the drafts (I'm not kidding). They were in a pile on the floor and he shredded them all (he is still a puppy). So the only remnants of my process is what you see above. 

In the end, I was pleased with the results. I do have a lot of work and practice ahead of me with hand-lettering though. I suppose this is true until I die though....the endless quest to improve on typography. If you have any custom design work in mind, please do contact me!

My resource List:

Cards |   Envelopes  |   Envelope Liners  |   Stamp  |  Printed In House on Canon Pixma Pro-100  |  Gold Embossing & Heater