Collection | From My Yard

While working from my office I often take breaks to go outside in my yard with my Corgi pup (Walter) and our three chickens (Modi, Little Allison & Lara Croft). We live about 5 minutes from downtown Portland just blocks away from cafes and transit. It's a very urban setting with the sounds of the Max station (our city train) and people commuting to and from work...but I like that our back yard can be my own little peaceful getaway...a little tiny farm.

I'm honestly no good at gardening. I cannot seem to stay up to date on the weeds and our lawn isn't very nice. My sunflowers that I worked so hard to grow were be-headed by squirrels (I'm not kidding). But I like to collect items sometimes and photograph them. It's helpful for my sketchbook and also my soul.

I hope you are having a lovely Monday.

xo, Jenni