Fall Florals | Pink, Peach & Chocolate

I love browsing the florals when I'm at the grocery store. The market next to our house has the most beautiful small selection, always with interesting things I've never seen. It's a great time to learn more about botanicals, as I find myself drawing them quite a bit for clients in all sorts of different mediums. I recently decided to reduce my sugar intake, which has sneaking chocolate off-limits for the time being. Maybe that is why I was so in love with the peach, pink and chocolate color palette in this fall bouquet, in fact one of the florals pictured is actually called "Chocolate", also known as Eupatorium Rugosum. If I can't put chocolate in my stomach, I may as well arrange it on my coffee table!

Does anyone know what these gorgeous chocolate stemmed flowers are? They were un-marked at the market, and I really adore the rich color.

I hope you are finding small ways to inspire your surroundings with the season, and thank you for stopping by this creative space!

xo, Jenni