Work & Rest

“Love turns work into rest.” ― Teresa of Ávila

I often marvel at the war that wages in my mind when I try to reconcile work and rest. The journey of searching for balance seems to be a prize I never fully grasp. I am not a mother, yet, and I often find myself feeling afraid of the future picture of work and children. Can I still work? Will I enjoy my work without feeling resentful of my family? Or visa versa...


I ran into an incredible quote the other day; “Love turns work into rest.” . Teresa of Ávila was a controversial mystic of the Catholic Church during the 16th century, and while (after reading about her) I'm not sure if she was necessarily a beacon of peaceful "rest", I think the statement she's made in the above quote is simply breathtaking.

I don't believe the idea that work is only fulfilling if you love it 100%. I think there is something to be said about working hard, even if you don't enjoy it, so you can go home to the things that you do enjoy (like your friends, family, hobbies and vacation time). After all, I've met people all over the world who don't have the resources to pursue their dreams due to a collapsed government or post-war poverty, but work hard so they can spend time in their community resting and enjoying much needed rejuvenation.

The idea that loving, just even loving in general, can turn your time of toil into a time of rest was really profound to me. It also brought me peace when I find myself feeling frantic about having a career and becoming a mother (I hope) in the next 2 years. The feeling of love and gratitude for my life and all my blessings carrying through during the stress of the work-life balance? What a beautiful thought.

Perfection is lethal, as they say. I'm sure I'll have days (as I do already) when I'm throwing pencils against the wall and wishing I could just pitch a tent in a field, isolated from work. I often feel the stress that our fast-paced culture brings and it's tempting to compare myself to other people or simply blast ahead like a mad-woman. Knowing my mind can overcome how I interpret the moment, however, that gives me hope. Knowing that love casts out all fear, gives me peace.

xo, Jenni