Fields of Flowers

I've been taking pictures of my sister in law at various stages in her pregnancy. It's been wonderful practice for me as I prepare to be with her in birth to capture the first few minutes of her new daughter's life when she is born! What an honor right?

LOW RESbritt_flowers_maternity3

There is a lovely hill off the side of the street near my apartment, where many wild flowers grow. I thought it would be the perfect place to take some quick spring maternity photos before Brittany gives birth in a few weeks. What I didn't know was that the land was actually private property (it appeared abandoned) and we were asked to leave almost immediately by a rather irritable old man. He literally appeared out of nowhere! Can't say I blame him for being upset... despite this he did allow us to finish shooting as long as we kept it under 5 minutes. To say the least I was grateful to have gotten enough good shots in that short time. Props to Brittany too for keeping her composure and looking very natural despite the awkward circumstances.

LOW RESBritt_flowers_maternity2
As I continue to think about how I'd like to market myself as a photographer when the time is right, I'm drawn more and more towards working with mamas. I really enjoy shooting maternity photos and bringing out the natural beauty in a new (or seasoned) mother. I'm sure it's easy to feel uncomfortable and at odds with your body during pregnancy, so helping an expectant woman feel at ease and beautiful is something I really enjoy.

I just love the soft quality of these photos, a perfect setting for the coming of a little fields of flowers.