Blossoms and Blooms

It feels really good to be sitting down mid-morning for a quick post. I've had to make peace with the fact that I don't have time for the frequency of writing I'd enjoy normally...but I'm learning in life that quality is better quantity anyway. As I look out my window from where my computer sits I can see cherry blossoms blooming...making the parking lot below my window seem elegant. Funny what a few blooms can do...



The spring season has brought new opportunity for me as a photographer/writer in training. I'm excited to share that I've been added as a contributor over at Here Comes the Sun blog and will also be writing for Darling Magazine blog starting April 3rd. My posts will be photography, tutorial and general "life thoughts" driven...which will be so good for my creative juices. I'm very honored to have a chance to join the amazing community of bloggers and writers at both corners of the web. By the way, if you haven't picked up the print version of Darling Mag, you really must. There isn't a magazine with a more thought provoking and interesting message to women like my opinion.

As always, I have a few big projects to complete before my spring break I'll need to leave it here. Thank you for the loyal few of you who keep coming back to JARFLY in the midst of this lean season of posts...I'm in flux, but I am still here! In fact, JARFLY will be recieving a make-over and a new brand launch in the coming months....including some editions to the etsy paper boutique that has remained empty for so long. Onward and they say.