Spring Portraits

I have been away from my blog for so long! School deadlines and life have just really gotten in the way of just about everything. I just re-surfaced for air this week and had some theraputic time with my camera. Taking portraits is my favorite past time. Here's a little peek at some fun I had last weekend with my friends (Debbie and Tela). It felt good to have some creative time apart from graphic design!


We had just a few short minutes to shoot Debbie in a bit of sunlight. It had been raining all day...I love the soft spring like colors of the greens in the background. I also shot these portraits on Fuji 400H professional film, known for it's beautiful pastels when over-exposed by 1-3 stops. It's in the mail right now and I'm excited to compare it side by side with the digital shots above and see the difference in richness of color (if there in fact is any). I also had fun putting this outfit together for Debbie, that vibrant shirt was actually my Mom's back in the day!


You may remember my friend Tela from another post just after the New Year. She is a shy beauty but when she's holding her mandolin she loosens up quite a bit. This picture was taken using window light coming from one north facing direction. So I had the challenge of bouncing the light back onto the side of her face not being hit with window light. This is done using a reflector, which Debbie graciously held for me. I'm still learning but I think I'm getting better and better at bouncing light. The wall in my office is just white (which is great for photos) but this time we hung some vintage fabric in the background, which I think gave the shot a little quirk. 

All in all, it felt good to be holding a camera again....and yet homework is looming over me like a ton of bricks so I better get to work! Later folks...