Lovely Pencils

I love getting things in the mail, especially when I forget I've ordered them. I've been working hard to gut my apartment and get a new workspace and office set up. The graphic design program I'm in requires a lot of work at home with pencils, ink pens, t-squares, etc. Having an organized art closet and clean work space has become necessary...otherwise I notice my stress level rise and my grades drop. It's a work in progress, as our house is currently completely torn apart.

That being said, I ordered some pretty pencils from Maoilisa in hopes of inspiring my goal of starting (and keeping) a weekly sketch book of ideas that pop up in my head. It's a simple thing I could do in the midst of the chaos of moving furniture and such.

Maolisa specializes in Washi paper handwrapped pencils. I've alwasy been drawn to Japanese botanical art, so these pencils were the perfect thing to add a little charm to my table top. I'm hoping they help spur on some good ideas in my sketchbook too!


Here's to the simple things! :)