Making Up My Own Flowers

I love flowers. However, I'll admit...sometimes I draw flowers that I don't think actually exsist. They tend to be doodles that just look like something you could pick in a field but may or may not actually be capable of growing...but they are pretty, so who cares right? I sure don't.

I got to thinking...wouldn't it be nifty if we could cut and paste our favorite things about our favorite flowers together? I suppose that's a bit what making a bouquet is like, but I mean actually pinning together a look in our head... and then planting it in the ground... only to watch it grow up looking just liked you'd hoped. 

I don't know enough about hybrid cross polenation (or whatever) mumbo jumbo to really go much further than that. However my mom gave me a free bucket of flowers from a recent wedding she had been I decided to play around with this idea with my camera.


I wasn't so hard really...I just pretended I could glue different parts of flowers together until I got something that I wish really exsisted (and maybe does somewhere?) Except the tulip...that's...just a tulip :)

Anyway, if you are bored on a saturday's something to try out :) Thanks for the free flowers mom.