Cold Country Portraits

My friend Tela is one of the those curious people who can sneak in a room un-noticed but also burst into belly laughs that leave you feeling like your joke was the best joke ever told. I love that about her. A few days ago I had the honor of practicing my portrait skills on her. It was much colder than it looks and she was a total trooper as I made her go coatless for most of the shots. 



My friend plays the mandolin and guitar and is a connoisseur of music. Some of my favorite artists (like Diane Birch) were introduced to me by Tela and her good taste. Tela is a shy musician and you'll not often hear her play...but when you do, it's always lovely to listen to.



We wound up driving down Scholls Ferry Rd until we hit the Kinton-Scholls countryside. It's loaded with orchards, old farmhouses and barns that make for great fun behind the lens. In most of these shots we are up to our ankles in mud and most likely tresspassing. I kept waiting for an old farmer to roll up on a tractor and tell us to "git!".


Thanks Tela for being a good sport while I made you sneak onto people's property and hop fences!