Inspired by a Winter Drive

My husband and I took a little road trip up to Leavenworth, WA over this last weekend. I'll have some other photos to share later this week of that amazing town! This trip was very important for us as we haven't gone off onto the road together since summer (pretty typical for most people with a busy schedule I'd think). 


Our stay in Leavenworth was much fun but what I enjoyed the most was the exploring we did on the way back home. Kenny was patient enough to stop the car every time I yelled, "Wait! I gotta take a picture of that" as we drove along the hy-way. I was amazed by the silence along those country roads...and the beautiful way in which the snow connected the scenery together like a perfect painting. The horses seemed eager for the camera, waiting along the fences. The brown weeds poked up out of the snow, suddenly appearing elegant...pointing up to the pines above. Breathtaking.

And so so quiet. I could see evidence of animals who had wondered around earlier that morning as there were deer, bird and raccoon tracks left delicately all over the snow.


Brown and white collage

I wondered up to pet the noses of some friendly horses...who were more fuzzy than I'd imagined horses to be (I assume to keep warm for the cold months). They sweetly nuzzled each other right in front of my camera and stared at me with peaceful eyes. I probably should have twirled around in the snow and yoodeled or sang a disney princess song or something at that point...but I held back. I do have some pride. I'm not too grown up to admit, however, that it was just a little magical.


These pictures make me feel peaceful and will be a very special memory. I'm glad I'm able to record it here on this blog! Thanks so much for experiencing it along with me as I'm always excited to share my photos with you...and very honored you stop by JARFLY. Enjoy the season...