Snow, Apples & Gratitude

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

During one of our adventures this month, we stumbled upon an apple orchard covered in snow. I didn't even know apples could grow in the winter...shows how much I know about mother nature. It was so exquisite...the way the pink and red of the apples contrasted with the white blanket around it. 

The snow made both Kenny and I giddy and we jumped around taking photos of each other and acting like total dorks.

I felt an overwhelming gratitude for my life in that moment. For every last little part of it...even the stuff that annoys me (like fighting my weight, the piles of paper my husband leaves all over the house, junk mail, loud neighbors and bills). Every bit of life is an opportunity to learn and grow...and experience beauty (even in the midst of very real pain). I have been blessed in so many ways.




I still have days when I get frustrated with myself. I sometimes wish I was more organized, more dynamic, or had better discipline. That I could accomplish my goals more quickly and do so free of insecurity and worry.  I still have days when I compare myself to everyone else and feel that I come up short. I still have bad habits that I'm working to change...and boy does it feel slow going at times. I still have days when I'm angry at the suffering, darkness, and evil in the world.

I'm hoping in those moments I can remember the gratitude I felt in that little apple orchard, and hold that feeling of peace as I proceed into the New Year and tackle many more challenges, adventures, adversity and joy that it will no doubt bring.




Anyway, those are my simple musing regarding new year. Do you like to set new year do you feel about the year behind you...and the one ahead?