Lights & Leavenworth, WA

As I wrote earlier this week we recently came back from a mini-vacation in Leavenworth, WA. So many people had told me how beautiful and fun this town was over the years...that I had a feeling I'd be let down because my imagination ran wild for so long.

However I'm happy to say that not only was Leavenworth fun, but it's beauty is very authentic. I was worried it would be a Bavarian "Las Vegas" kinda feel and that I'd just just leave having spent too much money on key chains and snow globes. It's quite the opposite. The Bavarian theme feels very real, as if you really are walking around fairy tale Germany. We were especially lucky to get a nice snowfall and came just in time for the Christmas Tree lighting. It's a very magical place, as my friend Natalie said.


Front street

Snowing in town
Snow flakes
These pictures simply don't do it justice. Anyway if you are ever looking for a cozy Christmas getaway, I'd highly recommend Leavenworth!