Decorating With White & Gold (plus mini-diy ornaments)

I finally had a little time to decorate our Christmas tree (we picked out a really small one for simplicity). I decided that I wanted to keep the colors very basic...but also go more "all out" than just putting the few mis-matched ornaments on the tree like I have every year before. I settled on crafting together some affordable white and gold ornament as a DIY project.


What you'll need (if you'd like to make some too):

1. Plastic Clear Ball Ornaments that come apart at the center...and pop back together. Any craft store should carry these.

2. Gloss Opaque or Pearl Finish Acrylic Paint (I like Martha Stewart's glass paints as well)

3. Spray Paint (glossy finish is best)

4. Pine Cones

5. Wooden or Plastic Ornaments in various flat shapes for painting on

6. Florist or Crafters Wire

7. Paintbrush

8. Scrap fabric to tear in strips (to tie to a wire to use as a garland)

I shopped at: Michael's Craft Store, Dollar Tree, & Joanns Fabrics...all of which are having many holiday sales!

Here's how I did it!



Happy Holidays everyone! How did you decorate your tree this year? I'd love to hear a description in the comment section below!