Autumn & Re-decorating...Instagrams!

I've been pretty busy this week and haven't had much time to post...the weather has been wet which has foiled a lot of my projects I'd been wanting to work on (all of which involve spray paint...ha!). 

Despite the wet weather I'm very thankful for Fall, as it's my favorite season here in Oregon. My husband and I have been going for walks and have done a little exploring of the countryside.

Also, I have a little more free time on my hands starting next week, so I've been re-decorating our apartment. Nothing fancy...just budget friendly thrifting, diy and moving the furniture around. While I do this I imagine the day when I'll have a house of my own....and can really go for it without the fears renters struggle with like "Hmmm...can I modpodge fabric to the wall...or would my landlord charge us for that". You know what I mean.

Here's some instagrams that sum up some of my adventures with all that this last month (minus the modgepodge idea).


(left to right): 1. Tea Cup Succulent  2. Amazing Re-Done Barn in Woodland, WA  3. Washington Countryside  

4. Simple Bouquet next to my family Wedding photos


Have a lovely weekend everyone! I have some fun ideas in the works and may even be starting a new blog where I try one new recipe a weekend and take photos of it....hmm....yes I'm finally learning to cook. What better way to really go for it than that! It will be mis-adventures in the kitchen I'm sure.