The Find: New JARFLY Arrivals!

You are most likely busy at work or simply settling into the long list of things at home. No matter how you spend your week, I know it's probably a busy one. That in mind, I just want to re-state how much I appreciate you stopping by my neck of the woods for a bit. It means a lot.

Photo: JARFLY Dinnerware

I just wanted to pop in and quickly share some of our new arrivals over at JARFLY Vintage Rentals. Wedding season just recently wrapped up...which leaves me missing it already but also a bit relieved to have some time to re-group. This is generally also about the time that brides start contacting me to see if I'd be interested in buying some of their wedding decor and treasures they used on their big day. I purchased a pretty amazing plate collection from a lovely person named Veva just over this last weekend. I adore her taste and it was a very welcome addition.


Photo: JARFLY Modern Vase Collection by Chive

In addition to collecting vintage, a focus of mine during this upcoming off-season is to collect vases and other table top pieces at wholesale from talented artisans (like Chive above). People will often want to buy from me....obviously that's not really what I do....however it's great to be able to refer them to the artist for purchase. The vases above are a part of the simplistic modern style that I'm collecting in addition to antiques. I have to do it slowly and carefully, but it's been fun.


Globlet style compote Tall milkglass bud vases
Photo: Milkglass Collection

It's hard to say for sure, but I think the milkglass may be my favorite item we offer for rent. Milkglass rentals were down a bit this summer...which I think is sad because they are so easily used in both outdoor and indoor weddings with their brilliant white tone and ability to pop floral so effortlessly. If you have an event on the horizon I'd highly recommend it for rustic, classic elegance, modern or bohemian styling. 

Thanks for letting me gush a little bit about JARFLY Rentals! It's a small business but big in heart and I have a very specific vision for it's future. Until then I'm simply honored to work with the lovely people of Portland, OR. I hope the week sets out well for you all....more from me later this week, I have some halloween-ish DIYfun in store! Don't worry, it will be free of glitter and pipe cleaners.


PS: Some very sweet brides left me the most amazing reviews on wedding wire. If you rented from us this summer and would like to review our services, please click HERE.