The Lovely Simple

 "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” 

-Jack Kerouac



As a child, I remember arriving at the coast completely enchanted by the idea of collecting broken pieces of shell washed up by the bubbling sea. If you stumbled upon a whole one, that was a very special find. If you spotted a mile long piece of kelp entirely intact, that was counted a treasure to drag up and down the beach with pride... leaving a snake trail behind you. 

I can recall those lovely feelings very well. How simple they were.

It is more difficult to come by a "lovely simple" as adults. I sometimes feel my exsistence becoming so complex that I cannot enjoy anything without creating a stream of rationale in my head giving me permission to. My thoughts become foggy and I compare myself to others or feel guilt at the things I am not....all the hats I wish I could wear but simply was not mean't to. I long for a childlike sense of adoration of a very little thing, or a very little treasure (like a sea shell or long strand of kelp).

Those moments are few and far between yet I have a thought to chase them down because I know they are mean't for us in order to live well and enjoy peace. 

I ate a fig just now. It's a rare snack for me as I imagine greek goddesses tossing them into their mouths and not necessarily graphic design students on a budget. I will report that I caught a momentary awe looking at them. So pretty and fresh, so many details...and very yummy. I felt gratitude.

I caught a "lovely simple". I suppose it takes practice :)