Upon First Rain


Photo Credit: Pure Nature Photos


"I remember all the beauty, I remember all the pain. There was a time before rain...and there will be again."  -Jenni at age 18

Yes I came across an old journal where I had penned that sentence. ..though I have no living idea what it means. Perhaps I was seeking to be a deep and dark writer at the time. However, no matter...I think it's a quite pretty sentence and it inspired me to put together this collection of rain art for you.

We are experiencing our first rain in many moons here in Portland, OR. This part of the world is known for it's rain so it's odd to feel that it took so long to come around. I once wrote a doodled mini-children's book called "Bethany Wants it to Rain". I ought to drag that out one of these days. Well, without further ado here are some lovely rainy day visuals for you. Be inspired!

Photo Credit: Tyler Gould (my wedding!)
Photo Credit: Somethingbeautiful77
Photo Credit: Pocket Carvnial

Il_570xN.151526635Photo Credit: Rachel Austin
Il_570xN.254476197photo credit: west willow

Photo Credit: JARFLY 

I hope you welcome in the rain wherever you are. Get a little soggy in support of it...after all, water is life, as a lovely lady in Uganda once told me!