Giveaway & Interview: Moglea Design & Letterpress Studio

I'm so excited to be sharing a long awaited interview with Meg Gleason, creater of Moglea. She is an artist that I find very inspiring and I've been looking forward to this interview and gleaned a lot of interesting take aways. Meg has also graciously offered an exclusive GIVEAWAY to JARFLY readers, so make sure to follow the "rafflecopter" directions to enter the contest below. The more entries...the more your chances increase to win! The winner will be announced next Monday, October 15th at 12am Pacific Time. Check it out and share with your friends!

All Photo Credits: Moglea



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Name, Age, Location:

Meg Gleason, 27, Audubon, Iowa. I live in the country about an hour west of Des Moines.


When did your business first begin?

Moglea began in the summer of 2009 when I purchased my first letterpress. We moved to Audubon that year to farm with my husband's family and it was the perfect time to pursue my stationary design career. I had freelanced before then when we lived in the city and didn't have the space for a letterpress. That same year I traveled to Penland School of Crafts to learn to set lead type and operate a press. I fell in love with printing.


How would you describe your artwork and products?

My products are a simple extension of what I love doing:  writing, drawing and printing. I love bright colors, intricate patterns and unique processes and packaging. I simply create cards that I would want to use and pray others will enjoy them as well.



What are a few things you draw on for inspiration?

Nature is such a huge inspiration for me, and if I'm trying to think up ideas for a new design, I often go outside for a walk or run. I have a collection of vintage children's books so I often sour those for type or color inspiration.

What are you favorite colors, supplies and locations for creating your work?

All of my illustrations start OFF the computer, so I use up tons of tracing paper and sharpie markers. I use gouache and colored pencils often as well. I think I use my scanner several times a day to scan in textures, drawings, lettering, etc.

What do you love about life as an artist....what could you live without?

I'm completely blessed to get to do what I love on a daily basis. With Moglea, I can add and subtract products at will and I love being my own boss and art director. It's amazing to have an office and letterpress studio in my home. The Downside: because I love what I do, I work more than I should. I'm trying to keep a schedule where I quit around 6pm everyday. Family is so important and when you own your own business, it's easy to disresepect family by working late.




What's the story line behind the name "Moglea"?

It was so challenging to think of the name! I spent a couple of months brainstorming before I could decide on the right word. When working on naming my company, my goal was to create a word that is void of meaning so that when someone heard the name it didn't suggest anything. I could fill the name with meaning through products and branding. Moglea is just a mixing of the "M" from my name and the "Glea" from my last name.


Your paper goods line is quite the success! Can you describe the journey from the beginning to now?

That's so sweet of you! I intitally started out by designing cards for Minted and I grew a lot through having helpful critiques from other designers within their design community. I spent a couple years doing social stationary design for a few online card companies before I felt confidant in my style and that I had a vision for a product line. It actually took a couple years before I felt confident in my printing ability as well. I just launched my letterpress line in May at the National Stationary Show and since then I've been trying to keep up with the new orders and expand the line.



Any big projects on the horizon that aren't top secret?

I'm excited to expand the current line. I've got some completely new products that I'm designing at the moment to hopefully launch next spring. A couple new Letterquettes are in the works as well.


Any funny habits or hobbies you don't mind telling us about :) ?

My husband and I really love skiing and cooking together. Iowa isn't very mountainous (ha!) so we try to get to Colorado once each winter. We've been remodeling our farm house for a couple years and it's been fun to work together on creating a space that is uniquely ours.


Finaly, any big sister advice for anyone out there seeking to build their small business and/or online brand?

Branding and packaging is very important. Spend time on your business identity and build a cohesive system for your whole online and off-line presence. Learn your strengths and weaknesses as a'll save so much time letting someone else do something you aren't gifted in.


I hope you all enjoyed this interesting interivew with Meg! Remember you can connect with Moglea socially around the web by entering today's contest (above)...not to mention win some some beautiful cards! Don't delay...and have a lovely Tuesday :)