Photography: Light, Cartier-Bresson & Debbie

I love photography. I really do. I think I love it more than everything else I do (graphic design, writing... all of it). So then you are faced with the you want to start considering the steps for making money at it or do you want to continue making sure that love never fades by keeping it a hobby. I haven't really decided. My Career goals were simple up until a week ago: "Get your graphic design degree and start selling paper goods...and keep renting your brand..." I still have that goal, and love it. I love graphic design and have so many dreams in my head for the pieces I can create by molding that and the artist side of me together.

I have a list of all the mini-goals taped to the mirror in my bedroom. Strangely enough, photography isn't on there anywhere. I laid in bed last night with my husband looking at a collection of work by Henri Cartier-Bresson. It was so inspiring to look at his work because he knew light so well he could capture anything at a moments notice. Using film of course... back in the day when you had to have full faith in your skill with every snap.

Photo Credit: Henri Cartier-Bresson

You need a lot of skill and confidence with digital as well....and I'm not worthy to lace the sandals of the many amazing digital photographers I know. But man, it's so inspiring to see film just gets to me. The more I take pictures, the more I fall in love with it. It's hard to know when you are "good" enough to start charging money...and when to hold back. I suppose I'm just figuring it out as I go. A lot of people call themselves a photographer these days and I certainly don't want to take myself too seriously too early. 

A couple days ago I had the sincere honor of taking some portraits of my friend Debbie Sue (or Debbie Sou Lou Who as I call her). Debbie loves Portland more than almost anyone I know and can navigate it better than I...which is ironic considering she's originally from Idaho (and I was born here). She's an artist, a dreamer, a survivor in the truest sense and makes a mean omelet. Deb has a fantastic vision to head a non-profit that uses art as a means of healing, therapy and fun for youth. I can't WAIT to see it come to fruition. It's a cause near and dear to her personal story and I just know her outreach  is going to change a lot of lives. Keep your eyes out people.

Deb2    Deb13forweb


To say the least I've definitely been making the rounds taking photos of my friends. It's been really good practice...and I'm starting to scrape the first layers of Photoshop. However I definitely find myself newly interested in I've been playing with my husband's old film camera as well. We'll see what happens as we bound into fall. Yes, I did type "bound" into fall. I'd love to get some dark room time. Film really pushes you to know light....FAST.

We shall see if I can back track a bit into the old school film world before I lose my nerve to go there.