Happy Wednesday!

The weeks just fly by lately. I can't decide if that is good or not, as they say time flies when you are having fun. However, the summer completely got away from me and that's just a wee bit sad. But no matter...we shall press onward!

I will confess to you, (if you haven't noticed) that I have neglected by blog lately. I'm just finishing up wedding rental season as well as a demanding summer of coursework, so I'm excited to get newly inspired once again. Blogging for me is it's own kinda of therapy and creative release so I always get a little cranky when I'm away too long. 

I don't know exactly what Autumn with JARFLY will bring, as I've never been much of a planner when it comes to my blog. I like the spontanaity of just writing WITH life...rather than before it happens. That's probably why as much as I'd like to be the clean, organized blogger (like many of my favorites) who have weekly columns, I've never been much good at that kind of consistency.

However I do have some fun DIY projects in my back pocket as well as some much needed sketching and goal setting to get my paper boutique store on it's way (it currently lies empty on Etsy). I always love sharing those things with you and so appreciate feedback. There is also a very important part of me who used to love writing short stories and making up ridiculous poems that are full of foolishness....so I'm hoping to get back into some of that. 

In conclusion, well there isn't one. And I'm doing what is just never done by posting without a visual to share (eee Gads!). I just wanted to check in and say I haven't left! I'm just getting my footing :) See you all soon....thanks so much for supporting JARFLY.