Thoughts & Stories: Life Can Be Hard

All around me...the right and to the left....people I love are hurting and in need of quality time and care. I want so badly to be an enouragement to each of them...and yet I too find myself in a similar situation. This year has been full of very difficult scenarios that have inspired growth for me as a person...and yet I'm more busy with general life than ever. 

How did that happen? Aren't relationships and self-care (and for me...God) more important than career growth, to-do lists and school deadlines?


Artwork Credit: Molly Jacques

 I've written a lot about feeling overwelmed and just being far too busy with things. Things that in the scheme of life...only matter for a time before they are taken away on the wind. Despite my many ramblings on the matter, I still have yet to really master to the art of...well...balance and peace. Many of my friends and family voice the same troubles. 

Truth be told, I myself, am going through one of the biggest challenges of my life.  I'm excited for change....but terrified of the work it takes along the way, and of course of failing. All along....I feel anxiety over all the people I know in simliar places that I wish I could just love on all day and watch old 90's movies with to ease the pain life sometimes brings along. Because can't we just use a little "You've Got Mail" from time to time?

I think at the end of the day, sometimes you get the joy of loving on taking care of others....and sometimes along they need some space to just take care of you. Life ebbs and flows that way...there's a give and meet people half-way when you can...and you do your best. Nobody likes to ALWAYS be the one in need, and nobody likes to ALWAYS be the one giving. It's a balance.

So I suppose I'm learning to give myself grace and let friends, family relationships and even professional relationships be what they naturally want to be and just really enjoy people no matter where they are at...and trust that when I don't have much to give....they know I'll "pay it forward" soon enough.

I'm blessed to have amazing people in my life...and I'm learning to un-lock my tight grip on my schedule and goals in order to really live life, heal, grow and become a more healthy me. It's just a process I think we all can relate to. 

How's about you lovely readers? Can you relate?