Mini-Vacation & New Website!

Hello Everyone! 

I'm excited to tell you that we finally have an official rental website up and operational. For those of you un-familiar, I own a small rental company here in Portland, OR. We specialize in re-purposed vintage and modern designs for weddings, events and photoshoots.

For web

If you are located in the general greater Portland, OR area, and have a wedding on the horizon, I'd love to work with you. Please stop by the new JARFLY RENTALS site and have a look. We are currently still updating our inventory pages, so there is MUCH more available than it may seem. The inventory should be accurate within the keep checking back or feel free to use our stock sheet for inquiries in the meantime.

Download 2012 Jarfly Stock & Price Sheet

I also wanted to let you all know I'll be taking a wee bit of a media break this school schedule and wedding rental orders have been leaving me QUITE busy (which is great!). However, I'm starting to notice a lack of care for my house (it's a mess) and my general well as my relationships with others. So, I won't be blogging very much if at all over the next two weeks. However when I come back I will have some very fun content planned for you well as some great guest posts and possibly, some giveaways (fingers crossed).

Thanks so much for the lovely support...and I'll see you all in a matter of weeks!