DIY: Vintage Tea Cup Candles


I've been wanting to try making my own candles for awhile now. Since it's my first time, I decided to take it easy on myself using some craft store wax and fragrance sets. Next time I plan to find natural clean burning options with less chemicals involved.  I'd also like to experiment with making my own fragrances. I CAN tell you though, this quick and easy craft turned out very will love adding these charming candles to your dining room or deck area. AND what a great way to re-use old tea cups!

What you'll need:

*For good options on supplies see HERE

old tea cups (or comparable container that handles heat well)


soy wax (I used the kind that comes in flakes) 

candle makers fragrance (I used vanilla)

candle maker glue (optional)

sticks or chop sticks

a pot (for warming wax on stove)

something that pours well

*use items that you don't mind getting waxy and having to clean off later*




1. Pull our your tea cups, and place a wick in the middle of each cup. You can glue the wicks down with candle maker's glue if you wish, but I found it works fine without it.

2. Wrap the wicks around a stick or chop stick and let it rest on top of the tea cup. This helps keep the wick from moving around while drying.

3. Pour the wax flakes into a pot and slowy heat to 160 degrees.

4. Once wax is melted, add a couple drops of the fragrance of your choice (optional).

5. Gently Pour the wax into each of your cups at LEAST half way full.

6. Let dry until white color

7. Gently pull the sticks out from the wicks, and trim the wick to a desired height

8. Let sit one more hour to completely set

9. Light them and enjoy!






That wasn't too painful was it? I came away with some waxy pots and pans, and I'll admit to using some colorful words a few times while trying to pour the wax...but other than that it was pretty easy! My tea cup candles look  pretty out on my porch and I kept a few for the kitchen as well. I hope you enjoyed this project! Feel free to forward it around and if you have any thoughts or questions for me leave them in the comment section below! Comments are my favorite thing ever...