Book Love: "The Perfectly Imperfect Home"


I'd had this book on my wishlist for awhile and was completely happy to see it emerge from underneath the Christmas wrap over the holidays nearly 8 months ago. My husband found it on a wishlist and bought it for me...good man right?

What I find unique about this design book is that it is entirely illustrated rather than including photographs. I know for some this may prove difficult when it comes to application, but I found the watercolor paintings by Virginia Johnson to allow breathing room as I read. Along with these drawings, Deborah Needleman's practical yet fun advice for making a home feel more like yours left a lot of space for my imagination to soar.



The main point that stuck with me after reading The Perfectly Imperfect Home was that the best homes are the ones that feel lived in, lively, and unique. Needleman writes about growing up in a somewhat lifeless home (decor wise) and how she always longed to see the inside of houses where fancy parties were held and personal paintings hung crooked in a corner. 

We've all set foot in perfect homes without a speck of dust to be found (trust me, I've cleaned them!)...and there is NOTHING wrong with each their own. However, for me...I really like feeling the warmth and personality of the people living there seaping out of every nook and cranny. That doesn't mean I like a messy house...but rather a quirky one with character. This was cemented even the more for me after reading this book.


Pink flowers
Virginia Johnson's paintings inspired me to doodle with some watercolors last month (see above). She has mastered the art of simplicity and organized chaos in her artwork. I love the "doodle" like quality to them and beautiful use of light. Painting something that looks so clean and simple, ironically....takes a great deal of skill...because you are only picking out the most prominent details from your object. This is harder than it looks (trust me, I've tried it). Below you'll see I took a stab at it anyway :)



All in all...I think it's safe to say "The Perfectly Imperfect home" reminded me that it's most important to....

Here's another fun review I read last year over at Happy Interiors's Author Igor will make you smile:) You can connect with Deborah Needleman on Twitter as well as by purchasing her many books. I promise you won't be sorry! Anyone discovered a really amazing design book lately? Share your links in the comment section below!