The Find: Vintage Botanical Illustration

I love going to thrift stores and thumbing through the little glass cups and old photographs. This week I stumbled upon a pile of  botanical book cut outs from the 1950's. I wish I could have brought them all home, but this being Portland, Oregon...the owner of the thrift store knew what people would pay and I could only afford to purchase a few....

I love the washed out colors and detailed attention paid to drawing every little root, cellular shape of leaf and petal. I'm no botanist myself, but am learning to love gardening and plant life more and more. I think perhaps this is a sign of aging? If so bring on 30 because I love learning about it!


 I'm also part hobbit, because I seem to be a wee bit obsessed with mushrooms. In FACT I just discovered the folklore behind fairy rings. It's a glorious habit certain styles of mushrooms have of growing in a perfect circle. I have all sorts of art ideas as inspiration regarding this, I just haven't gotten around to drawing them yet. 

Anyhow, everytime I have a "The Find" segment, I feel a little silly....because isn't it sorta nerdy to show you my second hand store treasures? Perhaps so...but in my book, that makes it all the more better! What is your favorite flower or naturally occuring loveliness in this big ol' world? Comment below!