Photography: Even MORE Portrait Practice


This is my best friend Bethany. I call her Bethy. Isn't she pretty? I think so too. So I decided to take a bunch of pictures of her because I like to take pictures of pretty things so it worked out rather nicely I think. I'm learning a lot about Photography lately and challenging myself to improve. Still not gonna call myself a "photographer"...nope...can't go there yet. However I think it's safe to say I'm certainly an enthusiast.

Bet Bethpretty4
It's intimidating to take people's pictures. I know myself, I absolutely HATE getting my photo taken. Even on my wedding day I just couldn't stand it and more often than not, the awkwardness in my carry certainly comes through when the photos come back, with the exception of when my friend Lavenda takes my portraits.

To say the least, I'm learning that it's really important to make your subject feel comfortable and talk to them the whole time while shooting. Even comments that feel kinda silly like "beautiful", "love it", and "very pretty" really help loosen people up...their confidence building up a more natural smile. I'm still finding my way with all that as I tend to mess with my settings and let too much awkward silence go by. I'm also learning not to make the people lean up against a fences with ants all over them. Anything for a great picture right?

I kinda wanted to steal those earrings (and I did). Nope...just kidding Beth, totally didn't. Any amazing photographers in our midst that have suggestions? Feel free! Leave any thoughts in the comment section below.

I LOVE it when people comment. Totally makes my day, you have no idea!