Travel: Seattle & Bremerton

It has been the month of travel for us! I suppose that's fitting considering it's while our legs still work and our hearts are still beating...why not right? My best friend, Bethy, moved from Portland to Bremerton, WA awhile back. It was hard to see her go because, well, she's like my sister. However I sent her off knowing that it would make hanging out that much more of an adventure!

Seattle collage
Bremerton is located on a Penisula just outside Seattle, most people commute into the city by Ferry. I'm still new enough to the area that I find riding the Ferry really fun! The weather may be the same as Portland, but the look and feel of the area is very a good way!


Ahhh, aren't they cute? Bethy and Tim just celebrated a one-year wedding anniversary back in January! We had a great time catching up and "partying on the penisula" Beth would say. What did all of YOU do over the weekend?