Photography: Portrait Practice

Yesterday I spent some time with my friend Becca, who is a local journalist here in Portland. I'm designing her new blog and website (with some coding help from my husband of course...still learning all that). To start out I thought we should get some nice portraits of her for her profile page and portfolio website.


I'm still not calling myself a "photographer" but rather a "person who enjoys photography". I'm working on my confidence level in Photoshop and developing my skills for taking flattering photos of people. I practice at any chance I can get, including this weekend when I visit my best friend, Bethany. I'll be taking some belated one year anniversary pictures of her and her husband, Tim.

Becca isn't hard to take pictures of...with all that flowing mermaid hair! We also lucked out weather wise, it was a perfectly overcast day. Plus her apartment has a nice little green courtyard with lots of pretty trees that created a nice backdrop for us.


Becca collage 2


I'll post a link for Becca's NEW blog we are currently working on soon enough, but until then you can find her over at Humanity In The Mirror, which is a great place to learn about culture and world view related topics. You can also connect with Becca on twitter as well!

How is everyone's week going? Mine is flying by...I have even more traveling in my future as I'm hopping a bus here in a day or so...any adventures for you this weekend? Do tell!